Author Topic: Verifying upgrade to Pro Cloud Services v 4.1 - Build 44  (Read 12733 times)

Artur Zakrzewski

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Verifying upgrade to Pro Cloud Services v 4.1 - Build 44
« on: May 18, 2020, 06:09:55 pm »

After upgrding PCS to the latest version I wanted to verify if the server was operating as expected. As per the documentation, the simplest way is to enter the "" address into the browser. To my surpirse I saw the below messge suggesting that I was still on version 4.0.33.

Sparx Systems Pro Cloud Server v4.0.33
Congratulations, your server is now ready to host your models. Connect through the configuration client to add or remove models.
If you haven't already, download Enterprise Architect from

Now I wonder if the upgrade failed (although I did not see any errors, nothing in the logs either) or this is expected information although misleading?


Aaron B

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Re: Verifying upgrade to Pro Cloud Services v 4.1 - Build 44
« Reply #1 on: May 22, 2020, 11:46:06 am »
Which instructions are you referring to which tell you to use the address ""? Was it this page?

That address is just provided there as an example. The address "" is a site owned by Sparx Systems. It is not a reference to your own PCS instance. If you are currently on the same machine as where PCS is installed you can try just connecting to server name "localhost", or otherwise you'll need to know the name or IP address of your PCS server.

When upgrading an existing Pro Cloud Server installation to a newer version, please also refer to the instructions here:

Note that if you are using WebEA, you may need to update your WebEA and WebConfig files manually. The latest files should be in your installation folder, but may need to be manually copied to the appropriate location on your web server.