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Sparx Systems Architecture Platform
« on: August 10, 2020, 02:42:59 pm »
The Sparx Systems Enterprise Architecture Platform enables teams to model, integrate, and collaborate. The platform comprises Enterprise Architect, the comprehensive Modeling environment, the Pro Cloud Server that enables seamless integration and secure cloud-hosted environments, and Prolaborate, the web platform for sharing, collaboration, and analysis.

This webinar will discuss how this holistic platform will facilitate users to establish a comprehensive EA practice both in a greenfield implementation or in an existing team.

🌟 Get Better Clarity of Architecture Platform

You would have heard about all these products but do you have a clear idea of the value provided by each of them?

In this webinar, we will present the use-cases of these products and you can pick and choose the ones that will help you achieve your goals.

🌟 Enable Migration to Cloud

Are you finding it hard to coordinate with IT teams to get work done? Are you contemplating a better way to model together in these times?

Cloud-hosted environments will be the way to do and we will be covering the offerings you can use to host the complete architecture platform on cloud.

🌟 Integrate EA Models

Do you have data in multiple tools that make it hard for you to get a holistic view?

Use the powerful integration capabilities in the architecture platform to help you make informed decisions easily even if the data reside in multiple tools.