Author Topic: [Active Directory] Invalid configuration error  (Read 13722 times)

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[Active Directory] Invalid configuration error
« on: August 17, 2020, 03:13:33 pm »
This error message shows when there is an issue with Domain or Sub-domain configured in Prolaborate or with AD credentials on the server-side.

  1. For Domain or Sub-domain configured in Prolaborate, please follow below instructions to resolve the issue.
  • Please check with your AD team if there were any changes made on the AD side
  • Please ensure the proper domain or sub-domain is configured in AD settings in Prolaborate.
      Here are some steps to find the Domain:
  • Open or log in to AD server
  • Right-click My Computer/This PC and select Properties
  • Copy Domain name (refer below the screenshot)
  • Paste to AD domain filed Active directory page in Prolaborate
  • Click on Test & Save and try to log in. Note: Global domain names should not be used.

   2. For AD credentials on server-side, please follow below instructions to resolve the issue
  • Reset the password of the user TWICE that is used to configure AD settings in Prolaborate. If we reset the password just once, the password is not getting reset properly
  • Wait for an hour
  • Logout and login into the Prolaborate
  • Go to Active directory settings - click on the Edit button and re-enter the latest credentials (AD server’s credentials) and click the Test and Save option and check whether the configurations are saved properly.
  • Logout from Prolaborate user
  • Try to login using AD user which is already added into Prolaborate