Author Topic: [Cloud Service, NOT Pro Cloud] Configuring database managers  (Read 8179 times)


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[Cloud Service, NOT Pro Cloud] Configuring database managers
« on: April 23, 2021, 05:41:10 pm »
not sure if my topic also relates to Pro Cloud Service, but at least if applies to the "old" Cloud Service, that was superseded by Pro Cloud.

If I use the Config Client to configure the many database managers, the different settings are stored in the Windows Registry in path HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Software\Sparx Systems\SQLBridge\DBManagers.
Looking at the registry I see the following entries for a database manager:
- acceptConnections = "true"
- ConnectionString = "rdvp!BV]9dRfOztOB_,M(E&:H:t`RI*H=.MqsQB}2(!=R/+ADr\\H[;>:b0\"{$I55O&v;aW/fZRW,X"
- MaxConnections = "50"
- ReadOnly = "false"
- RunScheduledTasks = "false"
- SecureOnly = "false"

As I need more than 100 database managers for same number of EA Models I would like to "auto-create" the DB managers.
Only the ConnectionString gives me a big headache :-[.
This weird "encryption" is a real pain.

Does anybody know how this string was created? Idea: Take readable string -> encrypt -> use encrypted in DB manager.
Does anybody know if and how I can use an readable connection string instead? I tried, but without success so far.
Any other idea how I can generate > 100 database managers using e.g. a Python script? I do not want want me or anyone to configure that manually :o.