Author Topic: What are the Road-map for Sparx EA and PCS & WEB-EA with Prolaborate  (Read 12764 times)


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Under 2020&2021 we where testing the full stack of PCS&WebEA and Prolaborate.
As system responsible för Sparx EA plattform I help about 50 users with users problems, Sparx EA UI changes in each new versions etc. But as Prolaborate is an orthodox overlay to the Sparx EA platform, I dont understand wy all new stuff as drill down charts, templates and features is NOT stored in same databas and USEFUL for ordinary Sparx EA & Web-EA users.
To use those tools together we need an superuser with some schizofren ability. Or hire 2 diffrent persons with diffrent abilitys.
- Create good looking charts & templates for Sparx EA modellers & Web EA users
- Create by another tool, good looking charts & templates for premium Web users who pays more than ordinary WEB-EA users

Other EA tools may have some separation for Premium & ordinary user groups, but most have same toolbox & common platform.
Its the same problem as MS Office had have with different dev-groups för Word, Excel & PowerPoint. Each product handels MetaData/Tags diffrently and does not support VBA in same way. Completly diffrent anmials but in same zoo.