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Virtual connector ends
« on: April 12, 2022, 07:48:20 am »
Remember Virtual Connector Ends - Represent One Element Several Times on a Diagram | Enterprise Architect User Guide (

I actually had a use for this!

But, as is always the case, it could be improved - or maybe version 16 has made some inprovements to diagrams (rotfl)

  • the only line style that works with them is "Custom line" - please add all the other line styles, or at least Orthogonal line styles
  • applying a line style change to all connectors of the same type can make your conenction redraw to the orginal entity (this was mildly surprising)
  • formatting cannot be applied to the virtual end (this is a real omission), neither size, fill, font etc
I suppose I should submit these as an enhancement ...
but I see there were a number of submissions back in 2017 ...
e.g. [size=78%]Virtualized Connector End - No resizing ([/size]
Resize a virtualized connector (

Orthogonality rules
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