Author Topic: Full project transfer omitting t_documents table?  (Read 348 times)


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Full project transfer omitting t_documents table?
« on: August 31, 2022, 12:07:40 am »
I'm running EA 16 with my project is stored in an MS SQL DB in an on-prem server, with the connection going through PCS.

I've developed a habit of using the "full project transfer via native XML" to create an offline copy on my laptop, both for backup purposes and to have easy access to the project (or rather a slightly out of date version of it) when I can't/don't want to fire up a VPN connection. After the export I import the files into a project in a local QEA file.

This has been working fine until this morning when I noticed the folder with the XML files was much smaller than last time. It turns out there is one DB table missing from the export - t_document. And sure enough, after importing the XML files into a new model everything is fine except that documents stored as internal artifacts are missing. The references to them in diagrams are still there, but the documents themselves are gone.

The last time this worked properly was just last week, and I haven't upgraded the EA client since - still running 1605. Last week, the XML file for the t_document table was just over 50MB. I'm sure more documents have been added since. Could there be a size threshold that prevents the export of that one table? If so, is that likely to apply to other tables if they get that big?

Has anyone else seen this? Any ideas what might be going on?