Author Topic: Upgrade PCS for EA16.1"load balancing and connection management" improvements  (Read 29 times)


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I read the following in Sparx newsletter about the release of EA 16.1

Load balancing and connection management to Pro Cloud Server
Enhanced load balancing and optimization of communications between Enterprise Architect and Pro Cloud Server.
Version 16.1 of Enterprise Architect includes many changes to improve and manage communication with Pro Cloud Server instances.
•   Load balancing and intelligent client throttling ensure optimal individual connectivity while supporting large teams of concurrent modelers
•   New strategies to enhance the modeling experience when using Enterprise Architect over high latency (slow) networks
•   New approaches to handling error conditions and disruptions
•   Restructuring memory usage in Pro Cloud Server and Enterprise Architect to provide less load during high usage scenarios such as XMI model import

A number of clients have reported performance issues working on EA via the PCS when working from home via the VPN. So any improvement in this area is worth trying.
It is not clear from the above whether the improvement requires an update on the PCS when using EA 16.1. I saw a new 5.1 PCS version is available (5.1.121) ; is an upgrade to this version required?
Last time I tried the PCS 5, I experienced some issues e.g. the multiplicity drop down values in the properties of a selected connector in EA was empty.

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