Author Topic: Apply SQL-based profile to MatrixOptions of "matrix specification"  (Read 2711 times)


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I would like to use a 'search' (sql) based profile that I have saved from an <<EAMatrixSpecification>> element (the profile is visible in t_trxtypes table) inside <MatrixData> of element's MatrixOptions tagged value. I believe this cannot be done currently, with EA 16.1.
Or another option to apply an sql search when opening the matrix specification and/or generating documentation using "Relationship Matrix" from a doc template.


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Re: Apply SQL-based profile to MatrixOptions of "matrix specification"
« Reply #1 on: January 10, 2023, 10:10:59 am »
You can include model searches in the MDG likes this

Code: [Select]
  <Search Name="name of search" GUID="{some-guid}" PkgGUID="-1" Type="0" LnksToObj="0" CustomSearch="1" AddinAndMethodName="">
<RootTable Filter="SELECT bla FROM bla...;" Type="-1">
<TableName Display="Custom SQL Search" Name="" />
<TableHierarchy Display="" Hierarchy="" />
<LnksTo />



I put that manually (or via an external script) in the MDG at the end (as can be seen). That's for model searches. Probably (don't ask me how) you could use that for the matrix as well!?