Author Topic: Integrate Prolaborate review and discussions with Sparx EA review, discussions  (Read 6010 times)


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For collaboration with business or system analyst we want to use Prolaborate portal.
But this solution have separate review and discussion part.

You have to install Prolaborate plugin to see review or discussions from Prolaborate inside EA. If You want to participate in review or discussion, You have to switch from EA client to Prolaborate to be able to start review or reply to discussion. You are not able to see that there is any discussion for diagram or element inside EA client unless You use Prolaborate plugin for every separate diagram or element. Thre is no indication inside EA client.
If You want use EA review or discussion, You are not able to show it in Prolaborate or participate on this inside Prolaborate.

This is not very user friendly solution.
The better solution is to integrate to EA reviews and discussions.


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I support this request.
Especially because we were used to handling the discussions integrated with WebEA as part of PCS.