Author Topic: Prolaborate 4: Save vs Save and Close  (Read 5321 times)


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Prolaborate 4: Save vs Save and Close
« on: April 04, 2023, 11:24:09 pm »
With Prolaborate 4, the dashboard update is much easier to edit/update compared with v3: there's an edit button from the Dashboard if I have the permissions, a preview of the existing widgets is visible so I don't have to switch between published and edit modes.
When I edit a dashboard, I have 2 options: Cancel or Save. I'd like to have a way to save and stay on the dashboard.
Could the existing Save button be renamed Save and Close, and a new Save button added to Save the changes and stay on the dashboard ? As I add/change widgets, it would be useful to save without going back to the Dashboards menu.


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