Author Topic: My feature request for office integration MDG - please submit similar requests  (Read 685 times)

Richard Freggi

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I submitted below requests, please submit similar ones to support it!
(Note: I use the MDG to reverse engineer several databases for which we have no CASE tool - in my case HANA and Databricks.  Usually 500K to 1 M rows extracted from RDBMS metadata and imported into EA)

1. Add precision to the Additional properties > Attributes profile.  Length is already there so by adding precision we can import full datatype details
2. Add the ability to import connectors details by source/target Alias in the connector import profile.  Currently you are forcing the user to import objects, then export so we can know the object and connector eaguid, and finally import connectors: this is very cumbersome for large models.  We can assign a suitable alias to objects and connectors when we import, then we can use the same alias to import the connector details right away without needing to export the model just to get the eaguids.  Import connectors by Alias is already available in the object import profile so the connector detail profile should have the same capability.

Clean up the MDG code so imports are much faster. I routinely import from 500K rows of Excel and it takes several hours.
In the current Office MDG it's impossible to set primary/Foreign key constraint on import of classifiers of type <<table>>.  This is a pity because the MDG allows us to reverse engineer any database using the DBMS object metadata.  My suggestion is:
3. Add capability to assign primary key constraint to any column to the classifier import profile (keep in mind composite keys)
4. Add capability to assign primary and foreign key constraint to any column to the connector detail profile (keep in mind composite foreign keys and primary key that include a FK)

Today the options of connector detail profile are not available in the classifier import profile for Excel.  This forces us to break down imports into at least 2 steps.  Having all options in 1 profile means we can create one Excel sheet, import it and be done (instead of creating one Excel, import, save the synchronization Excel, update it with connector details, re-import).  I don't see the benefit of having 2 different profiles for classifier and connector details
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Modesto Vega

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Richard, did any of these get implemented in  v1.4 (Build 40)?