Author Topic: WebEA with Dynamics and - or Scripts  (Read 6361 times)


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WebEA with Dynamics and - or Scripts
« on: July 31, 2023, 09:50:03 pm »
As a team, we are using WebEA to share EA Repository information with the rest of the organisation.
This works rather well, even using Legends to provide insight into the various settings defined in TaggedValues like Platform which is an indication for an Application whether it is implemented OnPremise, Cloud or WorkStation.

Now I'm wondering whether WebEA is really static or capable of handling some dynamics.
What I mean is that WebEA is showing diagram images 'automatically' generated when the diagram is modified and stored.
Now, when I change the TaggedValue of an element, in EA it directly shows on the diagram with that legend.
There is however no '*' indicating that the diagram is modified and  thus it will not be rerendered and stored.

Is there any option to define some script or something else (Button?) to enable the users of WebEA to re-render the diagram image?
If so, would these users then need some specific authorisations to allow them to use that option?