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Scriptlets - Anyone using them?
« on: February 14, 2024, 11:56:43 am »
In a recent thread, Sparxian Eve mentioned using scriptlets to solve a particular problem.  We've been busy with our "day jobs" and so haven't explored them.  They certainly seem very interesting and potentially very useful.  Is anyone "using them in anger"?  How useful are they in practice?

We have questions about whether scriptlets could solve some issues with our existing mechanisms.  Are scriptlets able to access User-Specified Diagram Properties (USDPs)?
We can allocate various names to items via properties (Tagged Values) and display them on a selective basis on a diagram (in this case, via USDPs).  However, we can only do this in Non-Rectangular mode via the use of the shape Label {} functionality, which is not useful in Rectangular mode.  Could I use scriptlets to replace the Name property with another value in Rectangular mode?  As I understand it, it would not change the persisted Name in the DB, just on the diagram.


PS: In rectangular mode, is there any way to achieve this functionality without using scriptlets?  Just out of interest?  We've periodically tried other mechanisms, but they don't work.
Also (to clarify), what I mean is, suppose we have an item (in this case, an organisation) Name: "Systems, Applications and Products in Data Processing", Alias: "SAP";  and we have a property BaseName: "Systeme, Anwendungen und Produkte in der Datenverarbeitung".  We want to use the Alias on most diagrams and mark [X] Use Alias if Available, getting the Alias for all items.  But if the diagram doesn't have the [  ] Use Alias if Available property marked, we can't do it for this item ONLY!  Alternatively, we might want to display the BaseName value instead of the Name or Alias on another diagram.  Have I clarified the Use Case?  As I said, we can do this for non-Rectangular mode but not rectangular mode.
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