Author Topic: Code Templates/Model Transformation Templates for stereotyped activities and c++  (Read 125 times)


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I have a c++/systemc library to run simulations in an existing framework.
In a toplevel with cpp/h library elements of the framework are instanciated and connected. Parameters define the behavior.

I would like to "connect" the existing c++/systemc framework with an EA model using an MDG with stereotypes and tagged values for activities parametrizing classes ouf the c++/systemc library.
Actions in an activity diagram correspond to the instanciation of classes in the toplevel.

C++/systemc, mdg and model exist. However I dont understand which mechanisms of EA I could use to perform the intended transformationi steps.

Would it be appropriate to use Code Templates or Model Transformation Templates?
I would like to execute the transformation based on an Activity Element defining the behavior or an Activity Diagram.

Any ideas?