Author Topic: How to reverse engineer SQL definition file using Database Builder?  (Read 290 times)


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For some projects, we have a SQL definition file.
This is a file similar to the "EASchema_1558_SQLServer.sql" file from the EA download section which can be used to define the SQL Server tables (schema) for a new, empty EA repository.

AFAIK Database Builder is capable to reverse engineer a SQL Server database by connecting to the server directly.
Do we now first need to use the SQL definition file to create a 'dummy' database schema on an other server before it can be analysed using Database Builder?
Or is Database Builder capable of directly interpreting the SQL definition file?

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

Paolo F Cantoni

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Normally, you need a live database to reverse engineer it into EA.  The DB can be created anywhere, just so long as you have a database connection to it.

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