Author Topic: "numbered lists" not restarting at 1  (Read 4170 times)


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"numbered lists" not restarting at 1
« on: July 16, 2014, 06:08:09 am »
This used to work.  I’ve done something that broke it, but cannot figure out how to undo  it.

In EA Sparx, I have notes on my elements that contain numbered lists.  When I generate a RTF document using my template or any out-of-the box template, the numbering picks up on the second element where it left off on the previous.  It used to not do this.  I need it to restart the numbering each time another element is generated.  It almost seems like I changed a style or something because it affects everything.

1.1.1      Collect design criteria
[highlight]1.[/highlight]      What does DB have to integrate with?
[highlight]2.[/highlight]      Other design criteria

Design changes will be made based on Database you wish to exploit.
See SSD - standards..........................

1.1.2      Determine the magnitude of change
Minor - adding a column, deleting a column, changing a column data type
Major - two classifications:
[highlight]3.[/highlight]      Access optimization and adding more storage. This keeps the same design but refactors storage and access methods.
[highlight]4.[/highlight]      Enterprise/Data Architecture & Data Governance Directives: examples are changing database management system versus using native file systems or modernization and streamlining data system

Please help, Mark