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This page lists the changes to Enterprise Architect 15.0:


The main features of Enterprise Architect 15.0 are shown on the official release page.


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Enterprise Architect v15.0 (Build 1514)
31st of October 2019
  • General Changes
    • User Interface
      • Display non profile tagged values that contain '::' in their name
      • Properties window for BPMN Activity now filters loop properties based on the value for loopCharacteristics
      • Scenario dialog now automatically saves a structure created from clipboard or note text
      • Relationship Matrix now obeys security locks applied to connectors
      • Element Properties dialog now closes and sets focus to the browser when finding an external requirement
      • Perspectives dialog can now be opened after closing a model that defines group perspectives
      • Shared Repository dialog updates to improve usability
    • Other
      • Feature label for Elements with alternate image will now wrap consistently
      • Apply/Release Lock no longer available for users without Lock Elements permission in a model with Lock to Edit
      • ProjectInterface.ProjectTransfer now accepts .eapx and .feap as target extensions
      • XMI 1.1 round trip with a stereotyped root package now preserves original stereotype profile
      • Moving diagrams between packages no longer reports and error on MySQL
      • ODBC import for Oracle now handles conditional columns using string literals
      • Document generation using script fragments will now have a significantly longer timeout period
Enterprise Architect v15.0 (Build 1513)
31st of October 2019
  • General Changes
    • New Element dialog now shows friendly and localizable name for selected toolbox
    • Interaction toolbox no longer filtered from New Element dialog
    • Compartment Visibility for SysML Properties is now persistent
    • Better positioning of sequence diagram messages when modifying the diagram layout
    • Unicode space character will no longer cause element wrapping issues
    • Improved font rendering for Navigation cells on high DPI monitors
    • Tooltip behavior improved when hovering over certain ribbon buttons
    • Workflow script engine no longer shuts down during model load
    • Corrected authorization issues with a legacy Keystore service when using group based session authentication
    • Objects will no longer resize the top-left edges unexpectedly when a base zoom is applied
    • Docked maintenance window now supports adding new items when connected to a firebird repository
    • MDG Technology Code Templates, RTF Templates and Images are no longer excluded by a Perspective set
    • Charts, Model Views and Custom Tables will now print with icons and text at the correct size
      • Zooming in and out of a diagram will better match Custom Table and Model View text size to the zoom
      • Sorting can no longer be accidentally applied to Custom Tables
Enterprise Architect v15.0 (Build 1512)
25th of September 2019
  • General Changes
    • Keystore dialog will no longer list add-in licenses multiple times
    • Start Page opening a new model with a long connection string will no longer fail
    • Renaming of Operations now updates all the operation on all open Class and Sequence diagrams
    • Resize behavior for SysML and State Machine diagram frames moved off to top-left of the diagram improved
    • Diagram Labels no longer drawn twice when diagram first loaded
Enterprise Architect v15.0 (Build 1511)
17th of September 2019
  • General Changes
    • Resolved diagram Print and Print Preview behavior when the option 'Scale to 1 page' is enabled
    • Activity Partitions and BPMN Pools will now correctly draw border lines when a fill color is applied
    • Further improvements to tooltip behavior
    • Changed base image scale from 133% to 137% for better text quality
    • Basic note editors updated to better handle copy and paste when the clipboard contains unsupported content
    • Corrected behavior when modifying the diagram zoom level using the diagram properties dialog
Enterprise Architect v15.0 (Build 1510)
4th of September 2019
  • General Changes
    • Corrected offsets for Win32 elements when saving an image or generating documentation
    • Improve tooltip behavior for Glossary terms
    • Resolved text clipping issue for Actors and Timelines when saving an image or generating documentation
Enterprise Architect v15.0 (Build 1509)
30th of August 2019
  • General Changes
    • Improved evaluation experience in Trial version
    • Pop-up note editor now displays the start of the note when opened
    • Further improvements to tooltips
    • Quicklinker icons now remain visible when scrolling down tall objects
    • Retrieving of user details during Windows Authentication and Active Directory import improved
    • Report generation where a fragment calls other fragments is now possible
    • Resolved issue that could occur when saving a diagram containing new elements over the cloud
Enterprise Architect v15.0 (Build 1508)
21st of August 2019
  • Performance enhancements and minor fixes including
    • Diagram Swimlanes, DMN Editors, Diagram Relationship Matrix,Scrollbars and Native XML round-trip
    • Application Tooltip option moved to the Preferences Dialog under General > Window Behavior
    • Diagram Tooltip option now available from the Docked Properties window under Appearance > "Use Info Tip (global)"
Enterprise Architect v15.0 (Build 1507)
25th of July 2019

Finalized for official Release

Enterprise Architect v15.0 (Build 1506) RELEASE CANDIDATE
17th of July 2019
  • Diagrams
    • AWS Architecture and Google Cloud Platform technologies updated to improve behavior when dropping an image with the their toolboxes active
    • Custom Draw Style elements can now choose the size of the icon to draw
    • Custom Draw Style now included in copy and paste of an object
    • Custom Tables no longer show header and padding when rendered to diagram
    • Custom Tables now only show the footer if height is insufficient to display all items
    • Robustness stereotypes added to EAUML profile
    • Zachman Framework toolboxes updated to reference stereotypes from EAUML profile
    • ICONIX Analysis toolbox updated to reference stereotypes from EAUML profile
    • Diagram context menu checks for user security permissions improved
    • Scenario compartment visibility is now available in diagram properties
    • UAF composite property quicklinks now behave consistently with UML Aggregations and Compositions
    • Moving of embedded elements around the edges of parent element improved
    • Added support for closing diagram tab with history using middle mouse button
  • Properties Editor
    • Shape script and metaclass property support added to attribute properties (Both docked and dialog)
    • Operation Behavior element can now be set in the Properties docked window
    • State Behavior (entry, exit and doActivity) can now be set in the Properties docked window
    • Class Template Parameters moved from docked window into dialog
    • Diagram Swimlanes and Matrix properties moved from docked window into dialog
    • Sequence Message Properties window height reduced
    • Property list editor fonts improved
    • Memo tagged value edit dialog restored
  • C++ reverse Engineering support
    • Added handling for nested namespace definitions in single declaration
    • Added handling for strongly typed enumerations "enum class"
    • Added handling for enumeration forward declarations specifying a storage type
    • Added handling for rvalue references
    • Improved handling for function pointer, array and pointer to member parameters
    • Added handling for typed variadic parameters
  • Source Directory and Visual Studio Solution Import Updated
    • Improved usability for detecting and adding language macros
    • Added a 'Dry Run' option to quickly scan for potential issues
    • Added an option to compare timestamps of files being imported before performing the import (Currently C++ only)
    • Added Package per File option to Solution import
  • Other Changes
    • Data miner scripts are no longer restricted to a short run time
    • DMN new Data Set dialog improved when no Item Definition is current
    • Error handling for bulk updates over the cloud improved
    • Requirement element behavior of not supporting child features is now more consistent
    • Modeled Add-Ins can now be loaded in eap files when JET 4 is disabled
    • Expanding and collapsing groups with left and right arrow keys now available when sorting is shown in a list
    • Scroll bar behavior in Browser window improved
    • Sampler Report window drawing improved on high DPI monitors
    • Stereotype dialog now list model defined stereotypes under the profile item '<none>' instead of a blank
Enterprise Architect v15.0 (Build 1505) RELEASE CANDIDATE
27th of June 2019
  • General
    • General bug fixes based on feedback
Enterprise Architect v15.0 (Build 1504) RELEASE CANDIDATE
25th of June 2019
  • Stereotype handling improved
    • Properties dialogs and docked window now display multiple stereotypes for Connectors, Attributes, Operations, Parameters and Association Ends
    • Element Properties dialog in Property List style now displays multiple stereotypes
    • Keyboard Navigation of Stereotype Selection dialog improved
    • Stereotype dialog now opens to the previously selected profile if it is in the current perspective and the element is not already stereotyped
  • Diagrams
    • Added support for web style back navigation when following a hyperlink on a diagram
    • Element gradient direction for default theme changed to 'Right to Left'
    • Boundaries with custom grid style will no longer draw swimlanes
    • Copy and Paste of Elements using custom draw style will now include the modified styles
    • Kanban element rendering on dark diagram themes improved
    • Connector label backgrounds improved when over a diagram frame
    • Provided/Required interfaces can now be moved around the edge of resizable ports
    • Double Click on items in Project compartments now opens the properties for that item
    • Package Contents display in diagrams improved
    • Save selected diagram elements as a pattern stored within a model Artifact
    • Foreign Key label updates improved
  • User Interface
    • Element Browser now shows a context menu with Navigation Options for root item
    • Browser Horizontal Scroll behavior reverted to version 14
    • Main View tabs now appear at the top of the view by default
    • Traceability window handling for elements with very large numbers of relationships improved
    • The following lists now autosize columns to fit the display: Glossary view, model mail, searches with 12 or fewer columns
    • Added support for Table Columns in docked features window
  • Code Engineering
    • Source Code Directory Import 'Package per File' improved
    • Visual Studio Project Import now supports importing as Package per File
    • Schema composer now handles objects with negative IDs
  • Other
    • Javascript handling of optional parameters on ActiveX objects improved
    • Construct view loading improved for Oracle, PostgreSQL and Firebird repositories
    • Specifying a cloud service connection as a default model now works under Wine
    • Configuration file load improved when starting EA from an smb share under Wine
Enterprise Architect v15.0 (Build 1503) BETA
6th of June 2019
  • Browser Window
    • Any of the pages can now be hidden by a user
    • Added favorites function. Provides easy access to packages specified for the user and each group they are part of
  • Stereotype display in Element Docked Properties window updated
    • Now displays multiple stereotypes
    • Now includes the profile name in the displayed stereotypes
    • Updates for other properties windows coming soon...
  • Diagram Hyperlinks
    • Hyperlink color now configurable in the Standard Colors options page
    • Hyperlinks will now show in a contrasting color when the mouse moves over them
  • Model Documents XML export
    • Model documents can now be exported to XML that allows importing all linked packages into another model
    • Allows you to easily define a model subset that can be included in a restricted WebEA view
  • General Changes
    • Code Editor view of class behavior updated with support for receptions and constraints
    • XML Schema perspective added
    • Other improvements and fixes
Enterprise Architect v15.0 (Build 1502) BETA
30th of May 2019
  • General Changes
    • Extended end of life for beta
    • Adhoc tables renamed to custom tables
    • Added capability to restrict root node visibility to a single group
    • Amazon/AWS and Google/GCP toolboxes now check for imported image library during use
    • Amazon/AWS patterns updated
    • Resolved issues exporting XMI for a SysML model from a cloud server
    • Selection behavior improved when changing between pages on Maintenance and Testing windows
    • Element Feature Matrix now provides options for highlighting rows and columns with no relationships
    • Browser window now provides options to hide pages
    • Added WSDL model pattern
    • Improvements to speed of starting a simulation
    • DMN stability improvements
Enterprise Architect v15.0 (Build 1501) BETA
23rd of May 2019

This is a BETA release. As such these notes may be incomplete and are subject to change without notice."
  • General
    • General bug fixes based on feedback
Enterprise Architect v15.0 (Build 1500) BETA
14th of May 2019
  • Browser Window
    • Project Browser has been renamed as simply the "Browser" and now incorporates 4 different view types of your model:
      • The standard complete model hierarchy
      • The Context only hierarchy introduced in version 14
      • The new Diagram Browser
      • The new Element Browser
    • All Browser icons are now drawn natively for full compatibility for any DPI scaling level
    • All Browser icon coloring has been updated to reflect the colors used for each element group style
    • The Start Ribbon offers commands to open each page of the Browser directly
  • Diagram Browser
    • Provides a view of the elements within the currently viewed diagram
    • Primary use will be to allow rapid selection and navigation of a diagram based on the elements only shown in that diagram
    • The provided search function allows you to quickly find any element you are looking for
    • Two way selection synchronization allows for easier navigation
    • Supports modelers who are tightly focused on their visual representation and value a filtered set of elements in the browser tree that are only those located on the current diagram
  • Element Browser
    • Element Browser (now part of the Browser window) updated to improve its usability and integration with EA as a whole:
      • The standard complete model hierarchy
      • Re-ordered and tailored list of item types
      • Re-worked all context menus
      • Improved concurrency
      • Added new items for receptions and discussions
      • Improved setting of current context
      • Improved ability to invoke editing
      • Improved ability to remove (delete) items
      • Improved icons and display characteristics
      • Added ability to expand and contract all items at once
      • Added navigation sets to allow tailoring of visible item list
      • Improved integration with other tools
    • Newly added Navigation sets allow for the definition of item sets in the EB:
      • Users can create and manage sets
      • Easy context menu driven options to switch between sets
      • Multiple sets planned to be supplied by default on release
    • Receptions can now be displayed in the Element Browser
  • Docked Properties Window Enhancements
    • Properties window now responds to the selection of the following types by showing their properties as the primary editor
      • Requirements
      • Constraints
      • Files
      • Tests
      • Resource Allocations
      • Maintenance
      • Changes
      • Defects
      • Decision
    • The selection of these types can be controlled with:
      • The Element Browser
      • Diagram Element Compartments
      • Docked Lists
  • Notes Window
    • The docked notes window will also respond to selection like the properties window
    • In addition, it has been updated to support inline, document style notes editing for types of selection that contain multiple notes fields. (Tests, Maintenance and Project types)
  • Perspectives
    • Perspectives can be now assigned to security groups from the Model Options dialog:
      • Allows administrators and business owners to customize the view and scope of particular modeling staff based on their area of concern and capability
      • Hidden technologies are not disabled, the model is still logically correct and fully supported for every underlying technology. However, users will be unable to model with hidden technologies
      • This new feature allows for a very fine and targeted set of custom working environments to be configured for end users based on expertise and area of concern
      • Model administrators should carefully look at the potential for streamlining their staff's experience to enhance modeling accuracy.
    • Many places that filter based on perpective now show the current perspective and offer the choice of changing it directly
    • Additional perspective sets built-in
    • Added perspectives for all model or user technologies
  • Dynamic Model Add-Ins
    • Designed to ease development and deployment of custom add-ins
    • Provides Add-ins that are defined within the model itself and therefore do not require network staff or others to manage the update and deployment cycle
    • Significant features and capabilities include:
      • Addins are defined in the model using standard modeling techniques
      • All behavioral code is written in javascript
      • Add-ins can access all Repository based behavior
      • Add-ins can respond to repository events (signals)
      • Add-ins can set up and use property lists
      • Add-ins can call SBPI based API's
      • All code is in Javascript.
    • Multiple sample add-ins to be provided via the model wizard
    • A set of signals documenting all available API end-points to be provided in the model wizard
    • All functions can be implemented by selecting the appropriate signal and providing code
    • Defined add-ins can be published to XMI or deployed to a RAS service to allow use across multiple models
    • The Manage Add-Ins dialog allows model administrators to control the add-ins used by modelers:
      • By default, all newly defined add-ins are disabled for all users
      • Administrators can provide access to individual add-ins by security groups
      • Enabled add-ins can be automatically enabled for all matching users, or optional capabilities they can opt-in to.
    • Workflow calls now available for add-ins
      • Add-ins can now return "Workflow" in EA_Connect to opt-in to workflow events
      • These events, previously only available to VBScript workflow scripts allow a better and more reliable workflow control
      • Replaces the old workflow engine
      • Dynamically injected on model open
      • Has injected security state
      • Can model mail users when state changes
  • Javascript engine updated
    • Built-in javascript support updated to use the Mozilla Spidermonkey 63
    • Provides new functions such as JSON parsing
  • Diagram Rendering
    • By default, all diagrams are now scaled up slightly to increase displayed font size without changing layouts
    • Icons rendered to the diagram are now rendered natively to the current zoom level and DPI scaling
    • Bookmarking of elements extended so that you can additionally define a short textual tag for the element
    • Notes compartments no longer display a compartment label
    • Spacing under element names increased slightly
    • Font handling updated to reduce unwanted variation in inter-character spacing and other rendering issues
    • Allowed additional elements to have shadows. (Info View, Nav cell and Constraint)
    • New EA 15 diagram themes added
  • Simple Drawing Style
    • Introducing a new diagram drawing style that will make it easy to draw flat and simplistic diagrams
    • Similar to Visio style drawings
    • Most elements will be rendered with a border color the same as the fill color, no gradients and simplified appearance
    • As a drawing style it is very minimalist and attempts to create a variation of a whiteboard or powerpoint style graphic
    • Allows a user to use the correct element types and etc, but they will have a completely novel rendering style and appearance
  • Diagram Alternate Views
    • Extended the options for how users can display diagrams.
    • Expanded Switch View menu now provided near the top of the diagram context menu.
    • Available views are:
      • Graphical - The standard diagram display
      • List - An editable, filterable and searchable table listing elements shown on the diagram
      • Gantt - A visual representation of the resource allocations against the elements on the diagram
      • Specification - A document style view of the elements on the current diagram. Focused on the name and the notes of elements
      • Relationship Matrix - A grid showing the relationships that exist between the elements on the diagram
      • Construct - A grid view that allows displaying the owned constructs for the objects on a diagram
  • Diagram Matrix View
    • This connector focused view provides a view of how elements on the current diagram are related
    • Provides a relationship matrix view for the elements that appear on a diagram
    • Drawn in a style similar to the state table view
    • Uses existing quicklinker rules to determine which connectors can be created
    • Includes the option to limit the display to those elements that have relationships defined
  • Schema Composer
    • Copying Schema Composer artifacts now duplicates profile information