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Zachman Framework Overview
Zachman Framework - Work Flow Model
Zachman Framework - Organization Chart


With a wealth of capabilities built into the base modeling tool – the Zachman Framework comes alive to provide maximum organization benefit.

MDG Technology for Zachman Framework:

  • Provides a powerful planning device to the enterprise
  • Helps align Business with IT by providing end-to-end traceability from strategic business goals to implemented solutions
  • Simplifies enterprise documentation with visual models that are built on open standards and readily understood by non-IT people
  • Provides an integrated, scalable approach to documenting enterprise-wide information architectures.


  • A visual, clickable interface for the Zachman Framework
  • Hierarchical model structures that support each cell within the framework
  • UML profiles for Business Scorecards, Mind Mapping and Business Process modeling
  • Useful model starters to help you become productive quickly
  • Framework-specific model validation to help ensure consistency and correctness
  • Cluster Report and Process Map generation to facilitate strategic project planning
  • Detailed example model

For further information, please see the MDG Technology for Zachman Framework User Guide, in pdf format (800 KB)

“Sparx Systems has done a great job with their implementation of my rapid delivery methods as part of the Zachman Framework add-in to their Enterprise Architect modelling tool, and has delivered great functionality in a very short timeframe.

“I have been testing Betas 1 and 2 of the Zachman Framework add-in for EA v7.0, which is brilliant! V7.0 with the BPMN add-in was recently released - with full diagramming support for BPMN. V7.0 also automatically generates WSDL for Web services and SOA. 

“I am so impressed with what they have done, I am planning to demonstrate their product in my "Rapid Delivery of Enterprise Architecture Maturity" workshops throughout the world."

Clive Finkelstein
Managing Director
Information Engineering Services Pty Ltd (
Read a review of Clive's new book here.


Release Notes for 1.2 Build 37:


  • Added support for accessing a Zachman framework model using LITE version of Enterprise Architect
  • Added support for running on operating systems without MSXML 4 installed
  • Help contents now integrated with the Enterprise Architect user guide
  • Interface Diagram List dialog now shows the path to each Interface diagram
  • Improved menu options depending on if menu is opened for Diagram, Project Browser or Main Menu
  • Installer now registers the Zachman add-in with Enterprise Architect for all users
  • Example model can now be opened on systems with User Account Control enabled