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Integrate with Azure® DevOps

Combine Enterprise Architect with Azure® DevOps to synchronize and coordinate your application delivery with a better user experience, architectural planning, robust traceability and integration.

Integrate Azure Work Items

Synchronize Azure DevOps work items and Enterprise Architect elements. Exchange important data to support visibility and consistency across platforms.

Data interchanged from DevOps includes change requests, problems, knowledge feedback, incidents, tasks, configuration items and default data types.

Synchronized Data Exchange

Generate linked elements including tasks, requirements, use cases and issues. Use the resulting elements to drive and trace downstream development.

Supports bi-directional synchronization between the two platforms - in bulk via the 'External' tab or individually via push/pull options.

Explore and Monitor Essential Information

Monitor collaboration across platforms with synchronized notes and properties in the relevant docked windows inside EA.

Share concurrent discussions on shared work items. Instantly see responses from collaborators in both Azure and Enterprise Architect.

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