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Exchange Information from Jira®

Integration with Jira provides a uniform, cross-view of data, making it easy for Enterprise Architect users to monitor and understand work progress, without the need to leave their default application environment.

Integrate Work Items

Link Jira items to elements in Enterprise Architect to synchronize with push/pull capabilities.

Any item from Jira can be linked into Enterprise Architect, as well as custom-created Jira issues.

 Jira Side Message


Enterprise Architect and Jira discussions on any item are synchronized - offering cross-application communication.

The ability to set up collaboration notifications for any element in Enterprise Architect means alerts can be sent anytime an important element discussion is updated.

Bi-directional Interchange

Bi-directional synchronization occurs in the 'External' tabs, and via manual push/pull changes.

 Jira Message

Default 'mapping' exists for many Jira items. For example, Jira bugs are automatically 'mapped' to Defects in Enterprise Architect.

Supported via the Pro Cloud Server (PCS)

This integration capability is facilitated by the Pro Cloud Server and is tightly connected to Enterprise Architect. Integration plug-ins are available in the premium editions of the Pro Cloud Server or via individually purchased 'Tokens'. Integration plug-ins also require Enterprise Architect Corporate Edition or above (version 14 or later).

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