Polarion Integration

Exchange data between Polarion and Enterprise Architect using the Pro Cloud Server.

Synchronized Integration

Enterprise Architect's server-based integration supports the interchange of Polarion 'items' such as requirements and Live Documents. Push/pull functionality, enables items to be related and changes exchanged between Polarion and Enterprise Architect.

Linking Polarion Items

When importing, Enterprise Architect creates a new External Element for each Polarion item. Select an item from Polarion in EA, and view the meta-data for the item in the corresponding window.

  • Polarion properties display in the EA's Properties window
  • Polarion descriptions and comments appear in the EA's Notes window
  • Polarion discussions and posts appear in the EA's Collaborate window

For example, a Polarion Requirement property such as Priority: Medium appears in the Enterprise Architect Properties window, the Description would appear in the Notes window and the Comments would appear in the Collaborate window.

Collaboration of information, where it is available in Polarion, provides a uniform, cross-integration view of the meta-data, making it easy for Enterprise Architect users to understand the data without the need to leave Enterprise Architect.

Enabled via the Pro Cloud Server

The Pro Cloud Server Polarion integration supports browsing the external provider's items and retrieving lists of items. With these items you can:

  • Link an Enterprise Architect element to an external item
  • View external element properties
  • View and in some cases add to, external item discussions
  • Export links to WebEA URL's that correspond to the current model
  • Open external items in a web browser
  • Import items as elements
  • Export elements as Work Items

Relevant Help Topics

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