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Refined integration points with Sparx Systems Pro Cloud Server, Enterprise Architect and Prolaborate provide a highly scalable and effective solution for integrating, visualizing and managing your past, present and future architecture, capabilities, processes and assets.


Registered users have immediate access to the installer

Enhanced Server Plug-ins

A new range of completely customizable Server Based Plugin is now available.

Custom Integration - Integrate with your own third party system

The Pro Cloud Server provides support for a collection of third party providers natively, however if your preferred system is not supported then it is now possible develop your own plug-in:

  • Share: Once a Custom Integration is developed it can be shared across all repositories/servers easily.
  • Choice: Custom Integrations can be developed in a range of programming languages.
  • Samples: The Pro Cloud Server installer includes two complete custom Integration plug-ins, one written in C++ and the other in C# for demostration purposes.


Custom Services - Allows arbitrary requests and responses

Custom Services can be invoked by EA's scripting or add-ins, which can then use the reponses to manipulate the EA repository data. The new Translation functionality (discussed in the next section) is an example of Custom Services in action.

The Pro Cloud Server's SBPI provides a comprehensive framework to host your Custom Services, this allows you to concentrate on the business logic that needs to be implemented. The Custom Service framework includes:

  • Lifetime: managing the starting and stopping of your Custom Service when the Pro Cloud Server starts and stops
  • Logging: it is possible to write log messages from your Custom Service and not worry about the size of the log files, the Pro Cloud Server will take care of it


Translations - Simple multilingual support

You can now configure your model to display and report content in your choice of languages.

  • Entry: Text is entered in the primary model's language.
  • Configure: Configure what secondary languages should be available.
  • View: Text is automatically translated (by one of the online services) and then displayed to the user.


Security Improvements

Even more secure

A number of security changes to the default behavior of the Pro Cloud Server have been made. All new installations will receive these security changes automatically while existing installations will need to manually choose to implement them.

  • Whitelist: noun. "A list of people that have been approved to receive special privileges."
    • Clients wanting to configure the Pro Cloud Server will need to be added to the Whitelist prior to them being allowed access to the system
    • By default the Whitelist will only allow updates from the local machine hosting the Pro Cloud Server
    • The Whitelist can be disabled if so desired
  • All new Pro Cloud Server installations will require a password in order to manage their settings. Existing installations can add a password at any time
  • The Pro Cloud Server's embedded web server now supports TLS v1.3


Easier to Configure

Configuration of the Pro Cloud Server and its components is now easier than ever.

Pro Cloud Server 4.1: Time Series Chart Generation    Pro Cloud Server 4.1: Simplified Worker Settings


In the past the configuration of some components within the Pro Cloud Server were overly complicated, Sparx Systems has reviewed many of these and made adjustments when possible:

  • For most customers the SBPI core configuration now consists of a single setting, the Port to communicate on Learn more...
  • New options are now available to control when the Time Series Chart Generation occurs for each Database Manager Learn more...
  • Defining a Worker process to generate diagram images for WebEA can now be achieved with a couple of mouse clicks Learn more...

More Flexible WebEA

WebEA customers have wanted greater flexibly in what options are presented to their user base, with this in mind, we have introduced new options to help:

  • Added new configuration option to hide the Search Menu

  • Added new configuration option to hide the Watchlist

  • Added Difficulty and Priority to the Element properties view

  • The Diagram properties view now includes the image generated state

  • Added support for Discussions in the properties view

Pro Cloud Server 4.1: Optionally don't show WebEA's Search, Watchlist and Complete Path - Diagram 1 Pro Cloud Server 4.1: Optionally don't show WebEA's Search, Watchlist and Complete Path - Diagram 2


Configuration Clients

Both the Web and Windows GUI Configuration Clients have seen numerous updates, some of which are:

Pro Cloud Server 4.1: New Help Link in WebConfig


  • Most pages within WebConfig now include Help links to the online user guide
  • Most screen within Configuration Client now include Help buttons to the online user guide
  • Previously undocumented 'Debug' and 'Trace' logging levels are now available from the configuration clients


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