Automation Interface Example: Download

We have included an installation executable for the application. This Automation Interface executable is available from AutIntDll.

The Automation Interface demonstration is a set of code written in Visual Basic 6. It is available in raw form for modification. These files can be downloaded from VB6 Bas files. Any of the modules (without the Form or the addin interface) can be used in VBA (i.e. Word VBA) or VB6. To use the Form and the Addin interface to call code from these modules, Visual Basic 6 is required.

The package is set up to work as an application called from EA. If you are using the code rather than the installer see Addins for information on setting up the DLL.

There is also code for the previous executable still available in VB6 Files (this was not an Addin). This includes simple code for use with MS word as well as MS Project. To set these up to be called with EA's parameters passed across to it, see Calling from EA.

Please feel free to use and modify the code provided.

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