Automation Interface: Example Documents

The example documents are available to display sample of documents that have been generated using the code/executable supplied. The following list provides some short PDF style document examples of the reports generated:


1. Full Document

The Full Document is equivalent to the style of document produced by the RTF document generation.


2. Use Case Document

This is a simple Use Case Report - listing the Actors, Requirements, Scenarios etc. in a Use Case Document Format. *

  3. Requirements External  
  A formal report on External Requirements defined in EA. Can include the hierarchy of related elements.
  A tabular report on External Requirements defined in EA.
  4. Requirements Internal Report on External Requirements defined in EA.

5. Testing

Testing entries listed on a per Package/Element basis.


6. Maintenance

Element Maintenance listed per Package/Element.


7. Scenarios

Scenarios listed by Package/Element.




8. Glossary

This is an example of the Glossary produced in Word format.

  9. System Model Tasks This lists the System/Model tasks recorded.

* Note: This is created using a Word Template. It is necessary to place this template either in the same location as the executable or in the template directory defined for Word.

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