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Part two of this series provides a more detailed look into applying Model Based Systems Engineering using Enterprise Architect and in particular working with SysML, the industry based standard MBSE language.

Part two of this series covers:


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Session 1

Melbourne Tue 17 Jan 08:00 am
New York Mon 16 Jan 16:00 pm
Los Angeles Mon 16 Jan 13:00 pm
Singapore Tue 17 Jan 05:00 am
London Mon 16 Jan 21:00 pm

Session 2


Dermot O'BryanSparx Systems
Scott HebbardCommunications Manager
Sparx Systems

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Questions & Answers

SysML modeling is available in the Corporate Edition and above. For more advanced SysML features, please refer to the Compare Editions page for more information. There are a number of SysML features available such parametric model simulation.

For details on what editions cover each of these, using the Filter, see the SysML entries in the Compare Editions page listed below: Compare Editions
These automotive examples are readily available from the EAExample.eap or EAExample.qea repository supplied with Enterprise Architect. Alternatively, please use the link below to download any of the example models you need: Example Models
Webinars are all listed on the Sparx Systems website and the Sparx Systems YouTube page. See: Model Based Systems Engineering using Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect - Part 1
Videos of a recorded sequence can be added to a diagram and played from the model. Simply drop an MP4 file on the diagram as a Internal Artifact.

For examples, see the videos contained in the EA Sim model available on: Example Models
This topic is covered in more detail in MBSE modeling part 3. Please refer to the Enterprise Architect User Guide topic on Model Validation for more information : Model Validation
For Behavioral diagrams you can also run simulations to test these.
You can easily connect a Requirement and Use Case using the Quicklinker. Please see the example given in the question-time at the end of the above video.

For more information on Requirements, please refer to the link below: Requirements Model
These topics are being covered in more detail during the MBSE part 3 webinar.
Yes. See the Embedded Systems paper: eBook: Embedded Systems Development using SysML
See also the Webinar:
Generating code from Behavioral Models
These points are covered in the MBSE part 3 webinar. Using the Traceability window - or, equally, the 'Trace' tab of the Inspector window - you can quickly see how elements are connected and how they influence each other.

You can:
  • Locate related elements in the Browser window
  • View the properties of related elements
  • Open the diagrams in which related elements are used
  • Add related elements to the current diagram
  • View the source code for related elements
  • Change the display using the window toolbar options
The Enterprise Architect Time Aware modeling feature supports incremental versions of models covering variants.

For more details see: Time Aware Models
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