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UPDM Example Model

The UPDM Example Model shows the common civilian maritime search and rescue operation for a yacht in distress. It is based on the Search and Rescue (SAR) example given in the UPDM specification document, which illustrates how UPDM can support DoDAF and MODAF, providing a model defining a sample of DoDAF and MODAF views addressing a typical problem space.



Specialize > Technologies > UPDM 2.0

Context Menu

Right-click on Package, diagram or element | Specialize | UPDM 2.0 | Open Example Model

Framework Diagram

When you open the example model, its default diagram displays. This is a UPDM Framework Diagram. which has colored swimlanes for each of:

  • All Views (AV)
  • Strategic View (StV)
  • Operational View (OV)
  • Service Oriented View (SOV)
  • Systems View (SV) and
  • Acquisition View (AcV)

In each swimlane are elements that act as hyperlinks to individual Views. You can access a View by double-clicking on the corresponding element.


  • Most of the Views are Package elements; double-clicking on one opens the Package's child diagram
  • The AV-1 Overview and Summary Information element is a Document Artifact; double-clicking on it opens the document in the Enterprise Architect document editor
  • The StV-5 and SOV-3 elements are hyperlinks to Relationship Matrix profiles; double-clicking them opens the Relationship Matrix
  • The OV-3 element is a hyperlink to a custom SQL query; double-clicking it executes the query and presents the results in a tabular form

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