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Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

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Model Search Context Menu

You can select elements or diagrams in the results of a Model Search and perform various operations on them, as well as simply dragging the item into a Team Library document or Linked Document. You can:

  • Generate reports from search results
  • Print search results
  • Copy and work with search results
  • Manage elements returned by a search

For Packages that are presented in the search results, you can also select an option to open the Package in the Specification Manager.


Context Menu

When you have executed a search, right-click on an item in the search results

Menu Options



See also


Click on this option to display a list of any Model Search scripts you have created, which can be executed on the selected item.

This option displays only if:

  • You have created Model Search scripts in a Model Search Script Group folder, and
  • The item results from a successful Query search, or
  • The item results from a successful SQL search that includes CLASSGUID and CLASSTYPE
Script Group Properties


Click on this option to display the 'Properties' dialog for the element.

Copy Selected to Clipboard

Click on this option to copy the selected item to the MS Windows clipboard so that it can be pasted as a link into a diagram, document, spreadsheet or email.

Shortcut: Ctrl+C


Click on this option to generate a document report on the selected item(s); you have two options:

  • 'Generate a separate report on each selected object in the Model Search'
  • 'Generate one report on all selected objects'

In either case, the 'Generate Documentation' dialog displays.

If you generate the report using a custom SQL search, the SQL must include 'ea_guid AS CLASSGUID' and the object type.

Generate Documentation Create Search Definitions

Create Linked Document
(Edit Linked Document)

Click on this option to create (or edit) a Linked Document on the selected element.

(Available in the Corporate, Unified and Ultimate editions).

Shortcut: Ctrl+Alt+D

Create Linked Document on an Element Edit Linked Documents Linked Documents

Delete Linked Document

Click on this option to delete an existing Linked Document.

(This option only displays if the element has a Linked Document.)

A prompt displays to confirm the deletion. Click on the Yes button.


Click on this option to print out the results as currently displayed.

The 'Print' dialog displays, on which you select the printer and define the print run.

Clear Results

Click on this option to clear the search results from the display.

Find in Diagrams

Click on this option to display the diagram that depicts the element or, if the element is used in multiple diagrams, display a list of diagrams to choose from.

Find in Project Browser

Click on this option to highlight the element in the Project Browser.

(Some reportable objects are not shown in the Project Browser; if you select one of these, this option is not available.)

Specification Manager

(For a selected Package in the search results.) Click on this option to open the Specification Manager and display the Package contents in it.

If you generate the report using a custom SQL search, the SQL must include 'ea_guid AS CLASSGUID and Object_Type AS CLASSTYPE' in order for the Specification Manager to display the Package.

Bookmark Item

Click on this option to add or clear a bookmark on the element.

A small dialog displays on which you select the appropriate radio button to set the bookmark on or off. If you set the bookmark on, a red triangle (or red Delta symbol) is displayed on the element icon in the results. If you clear the bookmark, the red triangle is removed.

Manage Bookmarks

Delete Selected

Click on this option to delete the selected element from the Model Search results.

A prompt displays to confirm the deletion; click on the Yes button.


Display the Help topic on the Model Search.

Model Search

Add Items To Linked Document

A very useful feature of the Model Search facility is the ability to drag separate items from the Search results into an existing Linked Document.

To do this you create your Linked Document, run the Model Search, and open the document and Model Search view as docked windows. You then drag the items - individually or as a multiple selection - from the search results into the document. You are prompted to select one of two options:

  • 'Insert as Hyperlink(s)' and
  • 'Render as RTF'

If you select 'Insert as Hyperlink(s)', a hyperlink is embedded in the document for each dragged object, linking to the object in the Project Browser.

If you select 'Render as RTF', a prompt displays for you to select the RTF template (if any) from which to generate a small report on the dragged objects. You can select different templates for different objects. However, there must be compatibility between the selected object type (such as Diagram) and the RTF template used (such as Diagram report), otherwise nothing is shown in the document.

You can have hyperlinked objects and RTF-rendered objects in the same document.


  • Running a custom or diagram-based search disables some context menu options