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Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

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Cloud Based Repositories

With a simple connection to the internet or web - the 'Cloud' - you can access and work on projects stored in repositories at remote locations anywhere in the world, or access local repositories from such locations, using the Enterprise Architect installation on your machine. The advantages of working in this way include:

  • You, as a user, do not need to have database drivers installed on your machine or to create a database connection, as you do to work directly on projects held on a DBMS server; your system administrator performs the driver set-up and connection once only, during server configuration
  • The http and, especially, https connections apply a firewall and all the security facilities provided by the web server - whether Apache or IIS - to your project work, such as URL authorization, domain authentication and IP security
  • The Cloud Server can be configured to encrypt all communications using standard TLS/SSL protocols; you can be certain that your data is not intercepted during transmission across insecure networks

Using the Cloud can help to reduce lag time for common tasks such as opening Packages and editing model data. Requests are cached and sent together, rather than individually, which minimizes communication delays.

Using the Cloud server is most beneficial when:

  • You and other users want to minimize the set-up requirements each user has on their workstation
  • You want to expose models held outside your private network
  • You and other users are accessing your models over slow connections


  • This facility is integrated with the Professional, Corporate, Unified and Ultimate editions of Enterprise Architect
  • An enhanced version of Cloud Services, called Pro Cloud Server, is available for purchase under a separate license; this version supports the WebEA facility, in which users can review models through a web browser on various portable devices, without the need for an Enterprise Architect workstation client

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