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The Construct Facility

The Construction Facility is an aide to Project Management, helping you to quickly define the resource, metric, test and maintenance items of any element in the model, and to generate a visible representation of those items. The facility has two main components:

  • The Construct window - which you use to define items of these types for the element:
         -  Resource Allocations
         -  Effort
         -  Risk
         -  Metrics
         -  Tests
         -  Maintenance
  • The Construction diagram - which you generate as a child of the element to show a rendering of the element with compartments automatically enabled; the compartments show various Project Management items with Progress Bars where appropriate, as you define them in the Construct window

There are a number of Project Management resource, test and maintenance windows that you can also display (through the 'Construct' ribbon) to list and display the items allocated to the element.

Access (Construct window)


Start > Explore > Properties > Construct

The Construct window displays, defaulting to the 'Resource Allocation' page.

Adding a resource to an element in the Resource Allocation window.

Access (Construction diagram)

Context Menu

In Project Browser, right-click on the element | Add | Construction Diagram

In a diagram, right-click on the element | New Child Diagram | Construction Diagram

The Construction diagram for the element displays; note the '' in the bottom right corner of the element, indicating that it is the Construction rendition of the element.

Showing an element as it appears on its own Construction Diagram in Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect.

Creating an item

The Construct window has a toolbar of icons that you use to create and delete item records for the selected element. Your use of these icons is explained here.

Item Type

Hamburger arrow.

Click on this icon to display a two-level menu of item types, starting with the main groupings of 'Resources', 'Tests' and 'Maintenance', each opening to a list of specific types.

The window heading changes to reflect the type of item you select. For example, 'Construct - Acceptance Testing'.

New Item

New icon.

Click on this icon to clear the fields of record-specific data so that you can define a new item.  For instructions on how to complete the fields for the type of icon you have selected to create, click on the Help icon (Help icon.).

Items display on the Construct window one at a time, so you can no longer see the previous item. To see all existing items on the element, select the 'Construct' ribbon and:

  • The 'Task Management > Resources' option, or
  • The 'Testing > Tests > <test type> option', or
  • The appropriate icons in the 'Change Management' panel, further selecting the 'Show <itemtype> Window' option where displayed

If you select an item from any of the lists, the item details are shown in the Construct window, where you can edit them.



When you have finished entering or updating field values, click on this icon to save the data. As you save each item, it is added to the appropriate compartment of the element in the Construction diagram.

Showing compartments on a Construction diagram in Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect.


Delete search icon

If you do not need an existing item you have displayed by selecting it from the relevant list window, or the new item you have just saved, click on this icon to delete the item.  Depending on the type of item, a confirmatory prompt might display; in this case, click on the Yes button to complete the deletion.


Help icon.

Click on this icon to display the Help topic appropriate to the type of item you have selected to create or display. The topic will explain how to populate the fields for that specific type of item.

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