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Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

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Learning Portal

The Learning Portal provides links to a number of useful Help pages or other web pages on the Sparx Systems website, to present topical information quickly. The information is displayed through the internal Web Browser, in the center of the work area.

The options are organized in a sequence, giving very specific information on a narrow subject such as keyboard shortcuts through increasingly broad discussions of facilities, features and concepts.



Show > Portals > Learning

Keyboard Shortcuts

Shift+Alt+P : Perspective drop down. > Learning


Start Page | Open a Portal | Learning

Navigator Toolbar : : All portals.Perspective drop down. > Learning




See also

Quick Reference

The 'Quick Reference' option provides a set of Help topics that give immediate information on some of the collections of tools of Enterprise Architect, such as shortcut keys or the ribbons.


The options in this group access the top-level topic from each chapter of the Help. Once you have displayed a top-level topic, you can select subordinate topics for more detailed information on a subject, or return to the Index to open a different chapter.

The Web Browser

Special Topics

These topics describe specific features and facilities of Enterprise Architect, to provide a direct and focused discussion of a facility such as Kanban Diagrams or Roadmaps.


These topics discuss broader subject areas and work concepts, such as Enterprise Architecture, Business Analysis and Business Modeling.


Select the 'Webinars' option to open the 'Webinar Registration' page of the Sparx Systems website, which:

  • Describes upcoming webinars (real-time seminars hosted via the internet) scheduled by Sparx Systems, and
  • Provides links to the registration form, for you to register your participation in a webinar


The options in this section provide access to a range of useful Sparx Systems web pages, which contain information on and demonstrations of Enterprise Architect and other Sparx Systems facilities.

  • 'Tutorials' - to open the 'Tutorials' page of the Sparx Systems website, which provides tutorials on general UML modeling and doing work with Enterprise Architect
  • 'Resources' - to open the 'Help, Tutorials & White papers' page and the 'Resources' page of the Sparx Systems website, providing access to a wide range of Enterprise Architect and UML tutorials, demonstrations, examples, base files, Add-Ins and general information
  • 'MDG Technologies' - to open the 'MDG Products' page of the Sparx Systems website, which provides a brief description of, and the download links for, each supported MDG Add-In product for a selected edition of Enterprise Architect - select your installed edition from the drop-down list
    Enterprise Architect editions such as Unified and Ultimate will automatically register certain Add-In products; however these Add-Ins are not included in the default Enterprise Architect installation and must be downloaded separately
  • '3rd Party Extensions' - to open the 'Third Party Extensions' page of the Sparx Systems website, which provides listings of additional Enterprise Architect Add-Ins developed by partners and other members of the Enterprise Architect community
  • 'Newsletter' - to open the 'Newsletters' page of the Sparx Systems website, which provides links to view newsletters previously released by Sparx Systems, and to subscribe to receive future newsletters as they are released
  • 'Release History' - to open the 'Recent Features' page of the Sparx Systems website, which provides a full history of changes in the most recent builds of Enterprise Architect
    You can also open the release history and investigate the features of earlier releases of the system, going back to version 1.1.3, the very first commercial release

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