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Run Panel

The 'Run' panel provides a set of buttons for building and running an application that is being analyzed. After making modifications to the code base, you can simply click on 'Build', then click on buttons to begin execution of the updated application, pausing or stepping through code as required. The active Analyzer Script will determine the behavior of the debugger tools, by specifying the commands that are executed as well as the settings and parameters for those commands.

Part of the Execute ribbon in Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect.

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Display the Execution Analyzer window, which lists - by Package - all Analyzer Scripts defined in the model. From this window, you can create, edit and manage scripts that specify the commands and parameters required to build, test, run, debug, deploy and simulate your applications. The window's toolbar buttons provide for control of script tasks such as build, run, test and deploy, and also provide access to a range of debugging facilities.

Managing Analyzer Scripts


These options enable you to start, stop and test local supporting VEA services. Those services might run a native Linux program, for example, or build a project.

  • Start Satellite Service
  • Stop Satellite Service
  • Test Satellite Service Status
  • Start Agent Service
  • Stop Agent Service
  • Test Agent Service Status


Click on the drop-down arrow to display a short menu of commands for building application source code:

  • Build - build the current application, according to the currently active Analyzer script
  • Clean - run the Analyzer Clean command to delete intermediate files from the current application
  • Rebuild - run the Analyzer Clean and Build commands as defined in the currently active Analyzer script
  • Cancel Build - cancel the currently executing build
Cleanup Script Build Application


Click on the drop-down arrow to display a short menu of commands:

  • Run - resume execution of the application process that is currently being debugged - if no process is currently being debugged, then start the application specified in the debug options of the active analyzer script and attach the Debugger to that application process
  • Attach to Process - display a list of executing processes, select and attach to a process for the purpose of debugging
  • Show Execution Point - display and highlight the line of source code that corresponds to the current execution point
Run the Debugger


Pause execution of the application being debugged.

Run the Debugger

Step Over

Execute the next line of source code, without pausing inside any methods called by that line. The execution point will move to the next source line in the current context.

Run the Debugger

Step In

Execute the next line of source code, stepping into any method that is called. Execution is paused before executing the first executable line in the called method.

If source code for the called method is not available, the debugger will return immediately to the calling code.

Run the Debugger

Step Out

Automatically run to the end of the current context/method and return to the calling context. Execution will pause again, upon return to the calling context.

Run the Debugger


Terminate execution of the application being debugged.

Run the Debugger

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