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Windows Panel

The 'Windows' panel provides access to a suite of windows associated with the debugging process, each of which provides information on an aspect of the application being debugged, particularly at a breakpoint.

Part of the Execute ribbon in Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect.

Available Facilities



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Click on this icon to open the Breakpoints & Markers window, which you use to manage and configure source code breakpoints and other markers.

Breakpoint and Marker Management

Call Stack

Click on this icon to open the Call Stack window, which displays all the currently-running threads in a process, at a breakpoint.

View the Call Stack

Local Variables

Click on this icon to open the Locals window, which displays the local application variables at a breakpoint.

View the Local Variables


Click on this icon to open the Watches window, which lists the customer variables by name when the application is at a breakpoint.

View Variables in Other Scopes


Click on this icon to open the Modules window, which lists the modules an application has loaded and is using at run time.

Show Loaded Modules

Memory Viewer

Click on this icon to open the Memory Viewer window to view a piece of memory when the application is paused at a breakpoint.

Inspect Process Memory

Open File

Display a browser dialog from which you can select a file to be opened in the internal code editor.

Editing Source Code

Search Files

Open the Find in Files window to search the local file system for source files that contain particular text.

Search in Files

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