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Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

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Create Request

The 'New License Request' screen is displayed when the Create Request..  button is selected on the 'Pro Cloud Server License Manager screen.  The purpose of this screen is to create a license request for the connected Pro Cloud Server installation.

The 'New License Request' screen will initially be displayed as:

The creation of a License Request is required after purchasing a Pro Cloud Server license, the License Request help Sparx System identify and registry what hardware is going to host the Pro Cloud Server.

The 'New License Request' screen consists of the following input details:

Company Name

Mandatory value. The name of the company that made the Pro Cloud Server purchase.


Mandatory value. The email address associated to the Pro Cloud Server purchase.

Installation ID

Mandatory value. The unique GUID that was supplied in the confirmation email of your Pro Cloud Server purchase.

If you purchased your Pro Cloud Server license prior to Jun-2019, use your Pro Cloud Server version 3 License key.

Start Date

Optional value.  Use this date to request that your Pro Cloud Server License should start on a future date.  If no value supplied the Sparx System Sales Team will assume the current date.


Optional value.  Any additional comments that might be helpful to the Sparx Systems Sales Team.

In order to minimize any potential delays please provide the Sales Team with as much detail as possible about your Pro Cloud Server License purchase.  For example:

Once entry of all Pro Cloud Server purchase information is complete, clicking the OK button will prompt to save the resulting License Request to the file system.  This file should then be emailed to the Sparx Systems Sales team, [email protected].

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