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Action Behavior By Type

You can vary the behavior initiated by an Action element by defining (or even redefining) its type. In simulation, you can apply and observe a number of different behaviors using the Actions in the types and groups described in this table.

Action Types



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Object Actions

Object Actions operate on an object in a specific way, such as creating, destroying or reading the object. They include:

  • CreateObject
  • DestroyObject and
  • Read Self
Create Objects in a Simulation Destroy Objects in a Simulation Action Types

Variable Actions

Variable Actions have an association variable in the form of the Tagged Value variable with the value of the name of an object in run-time. They provide the variable not only as an object but also as a property (such as an attribute or Port) of an object. They include:

  • ReadVariable
  • WriteVariable
  • ClearVariable
  • AddVariableValue
  • RemoveVariable
Variable Actions

StructuralFeature Actions

StructuralFeature Actions operate on a structural feature, namely an attribute of an Activity or of the classifier of an object. They include:

  • ReadStructuralFeature
  • WriteStructuralFeature
  • ClearStructuralFeature
  • AddStructuralFeatureValue
  • RemoveStructuralFeatureValue
Action Types

Invocation and Accept Event Actions

Invocation and Accept Event actions define the Triggers and Signals of an event. They include:

  • SendSignal
  • BroadcastSignal
  • AcceptEvent
  • SendObject
  • CallBehavior
  • CallOperation
  • AcceptCall
Action Types

Miscellaneous Actions

The ValueSpecification Action evaluates a value; it must have an input value and some evaluating code as its behavior or effect.

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