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Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

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SysML Internal Block Toolbox

When you are constructing SysML models, you can populate the Internal Block diagrams using the icons on the 'SysML Block Internal' pages of the Diagram Toolbox.

The Block that owns the Internal Block diagram is automatically represented by a diagram frame enclosing the Internal Block diagram elements. You can:

  • Hide the frame by right-clicking on the diagram and selecting the 'Hide Diagram Frame' option (and show it again by selecting the 'Show Diagram Frame' option); if the diagram frame is shown, the 'Diagram Frame' settings on the 'Start > Desktop > Preferences > Preferences > Diagram' page will be ignored
  • Make the frame selectable to move or resize it, by right-clicking on it and selecting the 'Selectable' option
  • Create Ports on the frame and create connectors between them and any internal structural elements
  • Generate Property elements on the diagram inside the Block frame, based on the Associations that the Block element has on the Block diagram

If set to non-selectable, the frame will auto-resize to fit the bounds of the diagram, expanding from its default size but not shrinking smaller.

Note that diagrams showing Diagram Frames applied under release 14.0 or higher of Enterprise Architect will draw the parent object on the diagram when opened in a release prior to release 14.0.

SysML Internal block diagram toolbox.


On the Diagram Toolbox, click on Search to display the 'Find Toolbox Item' dialog and specify 'SysML n.n Internal Block' (whichever version you are using).


Design > Diagram > Toolbox

Keyboard Shortcuts


SysML Block Internal



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Describes the decomposition of a SysML Block in the context of its whole using instances of reusable SysML Blocks.

Connector Property

Creates an instance of an Association Block.

Distributed Property

Creates a stereotype of Property, to apply a probability distribution to the values of the property.

Flow Property

Creates a single kind of Flow element that can flow to or from a block.

Participant Property

Creates the end of a connector owned by an Association Block.

Directed Feature

Creates a Feature that might be required, provided or both.

Adjunct Property

Creates a Property for which the value is constrained to the value of a connector typed by an Association Block, Call Action, Object Node, variable, parameter, Interaction Use or SubMachine State.

Bound Reference

Creates a Property with the <<BoundReference>> stereotype. Such properties will have binding connectors to highlight their use as constraining other properties.

End Path Multiplicity

Creates a Property with the EndPathMultiplicity stereotype. Such properties will be related by redefinition to properties that have BoundReference applied.

Classifier Behavior Property

Creates a Property with the ClassifierBehaviorProperty stereotype. Such properties will constrain their values to be the executions of classifier behaviors.


Defines a SysML message, containing attributes, exchanged between system Blocks in an interaction.


Describes a structural interaction point of a SysML Block which, in turn, connects between interacting parts of a block.

SysML Block Internal Relationships



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Establishes a traceable relationship describing how one element is dependant upon another.

Item Flow

Specifies the items that flow across a connector in an interaction point. Used in the same way as UML Information Flows.

Using Information Flows


Establishes Communication links between parts.


Binding Connector

Establishes a connection between two Parts in a system decomposition. If the Parts are different, the system provides an option to synchronize them.

SysML Deprecated



See also

Flow Port

Describes what flows in and out of interacting SysML Blocks. This element type is deprecated. Instead create a Port that is typed by an Interface Block that owns Flow Properties.

Show Direction on SysML Ports

Flow Specification

Defines a set of flow properties that correspond to individual pieces of a common interaction point. The element type is deprecated. Instead create an Interface Block that owns Flow Properties.

Show Direction on SysML Ports

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