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Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

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Update Package Status

Often a complete Package structure moves from one status to another (such as for release) in one operation. To help facilitate this, Enterprise Architect supports a 'bulk' update of Package and element Status, Phase, and Version, which also provides the option of defining the scope of the update.



Design > Model > Manage > Update Status

Update Status across a Package



See also

New Status

Type in or select the new status of the Package.

New Phase

Type the new phase.

New Version

Type the new version.

Modified Date

System set; you cannot change this field.

Set Date

Defaults to selected to apply the Modified Date; if necessary, deselect to ignore the date stamp on the change.

Recursively update all child packages

Select to apply the changes through all child Packages of the selected Package; deselect to apply the changes to only the selected Package.

Include Elements

Defaults to selected; if the changes are to apply only to Package elements, deselect the checkbox.

Include Element Requirements

Defaults to selected, to update the element requirements' 'Status' field; deselect to ignore this field.

Include Element Constraints

Defaults to selected, to update the constraints' 'Status' field; deselect to ignore this field.


Click on this button to update all required elements to the new status.