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Communication Plan

A Communication Plan is a critical document that describes the approach that will be taken to ensure that architectural stakeholders are informed about the architectures that are being developed and implemented and how they will affect them. Stakeholder involvement and commitment to the development and implementation of architectures is unquestionably one of the most important factors contributing to the success or failure of a specific architecture, or more generally the entire architecture program.

Enterprise Architect has a significant role to play in this communication, allowing access to be given to the stakeholders. Views, workspaces and sets of lists, diagrams and matrices can be provided that are relevant to them. The Communication Plan can be created using a Document Artifact, which allows a formatted document to be created and edited directly inside the repository. This document should list the individual and stakeholder group's needs, and articulate the mechanisms that will be used to communicate the architecture to them. The document would typically describe the number and combination of the powerful presentation and visualization techniques and tools to be used, including Roadmaps, Heat Maps, Dashboard Charts, Diagrams, Documentation, Relationship and Gap Analysis Matrices, Visual Filters, Baselines and more.

Using an artifact element to document a communication plan in Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect.

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