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Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

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Package Options in the Browser Window

The 'Package' context menu in the Browser window provides a wide range of options for displaying, organizing and operating on the Packages in your model.


Context Menu

Browser window > Project | Right-click on Package or View

Browser window > Context | Right-click on Package or View




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Select this option to access two sets of functions:

  • Scripts - scripts created using the Scripting facility, to be executed on Views and Packages; click on a script name to execute it (this option is not shown if no appropriate scripts have been created)
  • Extensions - a list of the enabled technologies on the system, each of which provides options for performing technology-specific operations on the Package; these options are available in the Professional, Corporate, Unified and Ultimate Editions of Enterprise Architect
Extensions - MDG Technologies Script Group Properties


Displays a short menu of options to exchange electronic notes with team colleagues, in the form of Reviews, Discussions and, if User Security is enabled, Chats and Model Mail messages, as well as the option to monitor Discussions on the Package.

Model Chat Create a Message Discussions Reviews


Select this option to display the 'Properties' sub-menu for the Package element.

Properties Sub-Menu

Open Package In

Select this option to display the contents of the Package as a:

  • Text description in the Specification Manager
  • List of objects with their selected properties
  • Gantt chart showing resource allocations and progress
  • Construct View, showing task allocations to resources
The Project Gantt View Specification Manager - Overview The Construct View

Add a Model using Wizard

Select this option to add another Model Package to the model or View, using the Model Wizard.

Shortcut: Ctrl+Shift+M

Model Wizard

Add a Package

Select this option to add another Package to the selected Package.

Shortcut: Ctrl+W

Add a Package

Add Diagram

Select this option to add a new diagram to the selected Package.

Add New Diagrams

Add Element

Select this option to add a new element to the selected Package.

Shortcut: Ctrl+M

Add Elements Directly To Packages

Add as Favorite To

Click on this option to flag the selected View node, Model Package or Package as a 'Favorite', to be highlighted in the Browser window when selected from a list. A short menu displays, from which you select your user security ID or the security group you are a member of, to access the 'Favorite' Package under.

Refine Browser Content

Package Control

Select this option to access the Package Control submenu, which provides these options:

  • Lock the Package (if the project has User Security enabled)
  • Import a Model Branch, and
  • Version Control Settings
Package Control Sub-Menu

Clone Structure as New Version

Select this option to build a clone of your current Package hierarchy, including diagrams, and update each object with a user defined version number. All diagram elements contained in a clone diagram are included only as linked elements (references).

Clone Structure as New Version


Select this option to access a menu of options for copying and moving the Package contents to other areas of the model.

Copy/Paste Sub-Menu


Select this option to reorganize the Package contents after making changes.

Contents Sub-menu

Set View Icon

Select this option to display the 'Set View Icon' dialog, on which you select one of the six standard View-type icons to display beside the View name.


Delete <packagename>

Select this option to delete the selected Package and its contents. A prompt displays to confirm the deletion.


Select this option to display the Help topic for the Browser window.