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Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

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Project Upgrade to QEA

With the introduction of 64 bit Enterprise Architect, we are migrating away from legacy EAP file repositories to the new default format of QEA or QEAX file repositories (as well as an option to use FEAP). This is primarily due to the lack of 64 bit support in the EAP architecture.

We have created an easy to use migration tool that will assist you in this process, the 'Project Upgrade' dialog, which is automatically displayed when it is needed.

Specify the Format

Simply click on the 'File Format' drop-down arrow and select the file format in which to create the new version of the repository. Then click on the OK button.

When you select a format, a brief description displays to the right of the field, similar to these:

  • QEA  -The default model format for version 16 and later; fast, lightweight and with basic replication built in
  • QEAX - The same as QEA but with support for small work groups using a shared file
  • FEAP - A legacy format compatible with version 15 and version 16

If you have Microsoft Access 2007 (or greater) runtime installed under Windows, you can also update the legacy EAP format to EAPX, and the EAPX format is also listed in the drop-down.

  • EAPX - An MS Access format compatible with version 15 and 16/32; 16/64 requires special runtimes to be installed


In a few moments, Enterprise Architect will finish the migration and open the file, and you can start browsing your upgraded model.

The new version of the model is created with the same name in the same folder as the original EAP file, which remains unchanged. If a model matching the name and new model type is found in the same location, a prompt displays to either proceed or exit the current upgrade process.

Proceeding with the upgrade when the model already exists will delete the current contents of the model and replace it with the content of the EAP file.

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