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Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

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Data Sources

A DMConnection element sets the connection to the external data source. The connection types that are supported include:

  • ODBC - for connecting external databases
  • EA Repository - sets a connection to an Enterprise Architect repository
  • File - for file types such as CSV and XML
  • External Data - access to Pro Cloud Integration

Setting a Data Type

To set the Data Source Type, in the Properties window, under DMConnection,  select the Type from the drop-down:

With the DMConnection Type selected, you can now enter the connection details based on the type selected.



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ODBC (Open Database Connectivity)

An ODBC connection can be used to connect to external databases or database-like providers. Direct connections can be made to local Microsoft Access or Firebird files, or an existing ODBC connection can be used to connect to any other ODBC database provider.

To set an ODBC connection:

  • Right-click on the DMConnection element
  • Select 'Edit Data Miner Connection'.

Select the type of database to connect to and follow the prompts to select the database.

Enterprise Architect Repository

Directly connect to another Enterprise Architect repository by selecting this type.

To set a connection to a repository:

  • Right-click the DMConnection element
  • Select 'Edit Data Miner Connection'
  • Click on the Add New button to select the connection type.
The Model Repository


Some file types can be used in the Data Miner. In general the DMScripts processor will be given the text from the file. The Data Miner doesn't attempt to interpret the file in any way, so the script must ensure it is in the expected format.

To set a connection to a file:

  • Right-click the DMConnection element
  • Select 'Edit Data Miner Connection'

External Data

The Data Miner External Data connection is for linking to an existing Enterprise Architect Integration external source. This requires that the Pro Cloud Integration feature has been configured to access an external source.

To configure an External Data connection:

  • Select from the Ribbon : Specialize > Tools > System Integration > Open External Data
  • Browse to the list of items to be retrieved
  • right-click on the Integrations menu item and select 'Create Data Miner'.

This will create a DMConnection element with all the required connection settings to retrieve the external data.

Integrate Data from External Providers


Text can be retrieved from online by specifying a URL. It's possible to add simple authentication and extra headers to the request and to send as a HTTP 'GET" or 'POST' request.

  • Right-click the DMConnection element
  • Select 'Edit Data Miner Connection'

The Data Miner will not attempt to interpret the data. It will pass it to the DMScripts as simple text.


URL - Set the URL to access the data.

Method - Options:

  • GET
  • POST
  • PUT

User - Sets the User Name for authorized access.

Password - Sets the user access password.

Ignore SSL Errors - Set this to ignore returned SSL errors.

Data to POST - Send additional data along with the request when the server requires it. Setting this is usually only required when a 'method' is 'POST' or 'PUT'.

Additional Headers - Set any additional headers required in the URL. Standard headers will be included automatically.

Note: Check the API documentation of the server for any required headers.


  • The settings are stored in the Data Miner section in the element Properties, in the 'Path' field; while this memo field can be edited directly, we recommended that you avoid doing so
  • Each DMConnection can be harvested by multiple DMSet elements
  • Multiple DMConnection elements can be harvested by a single DMConnection

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