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Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

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Upgrade at Enterprise Architect Version 4.5, Under SCC Version Control

If you are working in Enterprise Architect release 4.5 or later and you open an SCC Version Controlled project that was created under a release earlier than 4.5, you must identify the SCC connection with a new unique ID. You can assign a name to the existing SCC configuration or associate the project with another configuration that has previously been assigned a unique ID.

By having a unique ID for each Version Control configuration, you can assign a configuration quickly and efficiently using configurations that have been created previously for other Version Controlled repositories. This enables you to configure the many Packages to use an existing Version Control repository; this can apply to Packages created for more than just one model enabling a great deal of flexibility.

Upgrade an existing SCC Version Controlled project created before release 4.5, in Enterprise Architect release 4.5 or later



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Open the project that has an SCC Version Control configuration created in Enterprise Architect earlier than version 4.5.

The 'Select or Create Unique ID for Version Control' dialog automatically displays.


On the dialog, either create an ID for an existing configuration or choose a previously created one from the 'Unique ID' drop-down list.


The existing SCC configuration is the initial value, represented by SCC-XXXXX; this number is not especially meaningful, therefore it is recommended that the configuration be given a meaningful name.


You can associate the Version Controlled Package with a previously-defined configuration by selecting an existing configuration from the 'Unique ID' drop-down list (if one exists).


After you have assigned the unique ID, click on the OK button to load the model.