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Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

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Scenarios View

The Scenarios View can be displayed in a number of ways, such as directly through the 'Element' panel of the Design ribbon, or through the 'Scenarios' tab on either the element 'Properties' dialog or the Responsibility window. It offers a wide range of facilities for generating and modifying scenarios, which you can use to quickly and easily define the structure, actions and interactions of the scenarios defined for an element such as a Use Case. These scenarios can be the main (basic) path, alternate paths or exception paths.

When you open the Scenarios View it defaults to the basic path so that if it does not already exist, you can create it. You can create alternate paths and exception paths by adding them to steps of the basic path.

The Structured Scenarios Editor in Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect.

Within the Scenarios View you can:

  • Construct the scenario step-by step, or
  • Import a text file that describes a scenario, or
  • Generate a scenario from an Activity diagram that was itself generated from a scenario (thus regenerating the scenario or importing it from another element)


On a diagram or in the Browser window, click on the element and:


Start > Application > Edit > Responsibilities > Structured Scenarios

Context Menu

Inspector window > Details | Right-click on 'Scenarios' | New Scenario

Inspector window > Details | Scenarios | right-click on existing scenario | Structured Scenario Editor

Keyboard Shortcuts

Alt+2 > Responsibilities > Structured Scenarios


On the 'Scenarios' tab of the Responsibility window, click on the Edit button against a scenario (see the Scenarios Tab - Responsibility Window Help topic)

On the 'Scenarios' tab of the element 'Properties' dialog, click on the Structure Editor button (see the Scenarios Tab - Properties Dialog Help topic)

Next Step

In the 'Scenario' field, type the name of the basic path of the scenario.

To familiarize yourself with the facilities of the Scenarios View, start with the Scenarios View Toolbar Help topic.

If you want to:

  • Construct the scenario step-by step, see the Set Up a Scenario Specification Help topic
  • Complete the scenario based on an imported text file, see the Import a Scenario File Help topic
  • Generate a scenario from an Activity diagram created from a scenario, see the Generate Scenario from Activity Diagram Help topic

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