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Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

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Operation/Attribute Menu - Browser Window

The separate but almost identical 'Operation' and 'Attribute' context menus in the Browser window provide options for performing a number of tasks on the features (operations and attributes) of an element.


Context Menu

Browser window > Project | Right-click on Feature

Browser window > Context | Right-click on Feature




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Provides access to two sets of functions:

  • Scripts - scripts created using the Scripting facility, to be executed on attributes and operations; click on a script name to execute it (this option is not shown if no appropriate scripts have been created)
  • Extensions - a list of the enabled technologies on the system, each of which provides options for performing technology-specific operations on the attribute or operation; these options are available in the Professional, Corporate, Unified and Ultimate Editions of Enterprise Architect
Script Group Properties Extensions - MDG Technologies


Select this option to display a short menu of sub-options to exchange electronic notes on the parent element of the feature with team colleagues, in the form of Reviews, Discussions and, if User Security is enabled, Chats and Model Mail messages, as well as the option to monitor Discussions on the parent.

Model Chat Model Reviews


Displays a short sub-menu providing these options:

  • Properties - Displays the Properties window showing details for the selected feature
  • Notes - Displays the notes recorded on the feature, in the Notes window
  • Tagged Values - Displays the Tagged Values recorded for the feature, in the 'Tags' tab of the Properties window
  • All Features - Displays the Features window to access other types of feature on the same parent element
Define Properties of Operations Create and Manage Attributes

Copy Reference

Select this option to copy a reference to the feature to the Enterprise Architect clipboard.

Select the appropriate sub-option to copy the:

  • Selected hierarchy structure (Node Path)
  • Node GUID

View Source Code

Select this option to open the Source Code Viewer and display the code for the feature.

Shortcut: F12

Editing Source Code


Select this option to cut the feature from its current element and paste it into another element. The feature does not move from the original element until you paste it into the target.

Use the element 'Copy/Paste | Paste' menu option to paste the feature into its new parent.

Element Copy/Paste Submenu


Not used.

Delete Attribute / Operation

Select this option to delete the feature.

The feature is immediately removed from the element.


Select this option to display the Help topic for the Browser window.