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Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

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Source Panel

The 'Source' panel provides a set of buttons for building an application that is being analyzed. The active Analyzer Script defines the behavior of the Analyze tools, by specifying the commands that are executed and the settings and parameters for those commands. After making modifications to the code base, you can simply click on 'Build'.

Available Facilities



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Open the Find in Files window to search the local file system for source files that contain particular text.

Search in Files


This icon provides a collection of tools for viewing and editing source code files associated with elements in the current model. Also provided are tools that generate source code for a particular element or synchronize an element to reflect changes in its associated source code file.

  • Open Source File - display a 'File Chooser' dialog to browse for a source code file to open in the code editor window
  • Search in Files - display the 'Find in Files window, to locate files of a selected type containing a specified code string
  • Edit Element Source - open the code editor window and load the source code file associated with the currently selected element
  • Edit New Source File - create and populate a new source code file
  • Open in External Editor - launch the configured External Editor and load the source code file associated with the currently selected element
Editing Source Code Search in Files


Click on this option to display a short menu of user-defined commands defined in the currently active Analyzer script, to integrate with your source Version Control provider. Click on the command type to execute the command and perform the defined operation:

  • Merge
  • Changes
  • History
  • Commit
  • Working Copy
  • Repository

If a command has not been defined, the option is grayed out.

Merge Script


Click on the drop-down arrow to display a short menu of commands for building application source code:

  • Build - build the current application, according to the currently active Analyzer script
  • Deploy - execute the 'Deploy' command of the selected script.
  • Clean - run the Analyzer Clean command to delete intermediate files from the current application
  • Rebuild - run the Analyzer Clean and Build commands as defined in the currently active Analyzer script
  • Cancel Build - cancel the currently executing build
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