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Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

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Pro Cloud Server Configuration Client - Web

As an alternative to the Pro Cloud Server Configuration Application, the Pro Cloud Server also includes a Web-based Configuration Client 'WebConfig'.

Configuration Steps



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If you have not done so already, install the Pro Cloud Server by working through the steps outlined in the Pro Cloud Server Installation Help topic, making sure that the WebConfig component is installed.

After installation you should find the WebConfig website files in the Installation directory (e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\Sparx Systems\Pro Cloud Server\WebConfig). These files make up the 'WebConfig' website/client, and must be hosted on a web server. In the simplest configuration the web server would be installed on the same machine as the Pro Cloud Server.

Pro Cloud Server Installation


Download, install and configure your web server for PHP, according to your requirements.

Tip: XAMPP is the most common Apache/PHP web server that includes all the required components; it is available for Windows/Linux and OS X at:

Note: The WebConfig only requires the minimum XAMPP installation, Apache and PHP; it does not require MySQL, FileZilla Mercury, Tomcat or any of the other optional components, so if you have no need for these components Sparx Systems would recommend to not install them.


Define and configure a website for the WebConfig in your web server.

As there are many different web servers and configurations, configuring the web site, deciding what Port the web server will listen to, and making sure the website is secure from external attacks, are all outside the scope of this documentation.

Tip: Using the default XAMPP configuration, the Port for the default website is 80 and the base folder is at 'C:\xampp\htdocs'. XAMPP will already have added files to this folder; the WebConfig does not require these files, so if you have no need for them, move them to a backup location.


Copy the WebConfig folder from the Pro Cloud Installation (e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\Sparx Systems\Pro Cloud Server\WebConfig) to an appropriate location on the web server (e.g. C:\xampp\htdocs).


Within the WebConfig folder that was copied to your web server, locate the file settings.php and open it with a text editor. This file defines these settings:

  • $sProtocol = 'http';
    The Protocol used to access the Pro Cloud Server
  • $sServerName = 'localhost';
    The Name/IP of the machine running the Pro Cloud Server
  • $sPort = '804';
    The Port that should be used to access the Pro Cloud Server
  • $sEnforceCerts = 'true';
    Applies to https connections only
    When 'true', self-signed SSL certificates will be denied
    When 'false', self-signed SSL certificates can be used

These settings determine how the WebConfig will access the Pro Cloud Server. By default, the Pro Cloud Server is configured to allow HTTP communication on Port 804; therefore, if the Pro Cloud Server and web server are on the same machine these settings can typically be left as is.

Alternatively, update these values to reflect the name/IP of the Cloud Server and the appropriate Protocol and Port based on the definitions in the SSProCloud.config file.


On a remote machine, open an internet browser and enter the URL  http://{yourwebserver}/WebConfig/index.php, where the value '{yourwebserver}' is either the name or IP number of the machine hosting the WebConfig website.

This should display the 'PCS Configuration - Login' prompt. Enter the password and click on the Login button to login.

As a security precaution from PCS version 4.1 the default password for the Configuration Clients is:


For all versions prior to PCS version 4.1 the default password was empty (i.e. no password), in which case you are logged in automatically.

Note, the Pro Cloud Server will only be accessible if the current machine's IP address is on the Pro Cloud Server's WebConfig - Server Settings.

WebConfig Server Requirements

To set up the WebConfig Client you require:

  • A web server (Apache or IIS) capable of hosting PHP v7.0 (or later)
  • A web server with these standard PHP extensions installed and enabled: core, curl, date, gettext, hash, json, libxml, mbstring, pcre, session, standard and tokenizer
  • A web server with PHP sessions enabled
  • Communication between the web server and the server hosting the Pro Cloud Server
  • A base folder (on the web server) to store the WebConfig website pages

Note: These requirements are the same as for hosting WebEA; the WebConfig could be deployed on the same web server as WebEA

Managing Multiple Pro Cloud Servers

As mentioned above, by default the WebConfig page will connect to the Pro Cloud Server as defined in the settings.php file. Alternatively, an additional 'server' URL parameter can be used to access a different Pro Cloud Server (effectively overriding the settings.php). This allows a single WebConfig to be used for accessing multiple different Pro Cloud Servers.

For example, if your URL for accessing the WebConfig is:


You could use this URL to connect to the Pro Cloud Server on 'sparx-pcsdemo':


This will then connect to the Pro Cloud Server using:

Protocol: http

Server name/IP: sparx-pcsdemo

Port: 804

Note, for HTTPS connections the $sEnforceCerts setting from the settings.php file will be used.

As usual, the Pro Cloud Server will only be accessible if the current machine's IP address is on the Pro Cloud Server's WebConfig - Server Settings.

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