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Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

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WebConfig - Edit Model Connection

The 'Edit Model Connection' screen displays when you click on the Edit button for an existing model connection on the WebConfig 'Home' page. This page allows you to modify various options for the selected model connection, as described in the tables.

Edit Model Connection



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The database Alias. This is the value all Enterprise Architect clients will need to select in the 'Model Name' field of the 'Cloud Connection' screen. If necessary, you can edit this Alias to enable users to reference it from Enterprise Architect and WebEA.

Note, this value must be unique. You are not able to use the same alias for multiple model connections.

Connecting Enterprise Architect to a Cloud Model

Database Type

(Read only) Displays the DBMS type of the database, such as Firebird, MySQL, Postgres, SQLServer or Oracle.

Enable Access

By default, new model connections are disabled. Select this checkbox to allow access to the model connection.

Enable Pro Features (OSLC, WebEA and Integration)

This option is only available in Pro Cloud Server editions. Select this checkbox to enable 'Pro Features', such as OSLC, WebEA and Integration with external systems.

Managing and Retrieving Resource Information Via OSLC Architecture Management WebEA


Connection String

(Read only) Displays the connection string used to connect to the database. The Copy button can be used to copy this connection string to the clipboard.

Max Simultaneous Queries

Type in the maximum number of connections that can be open. You can use the up/down arrows to adjust this figure to balance resource usage with concurrent user performance.

There is no explicit limit for this value, but the higher the value the more resources are consumed on your server, without a matching increase in benefit in user performance. Connections are held so briefly that the reduction in user wait time due to more connections being opened is not usually noticeable. If you are reaching the number of connections you have defined here, increase it by small increments (units) rather than large ones (tens).

Minimum EA Build

Optional. If you want to ensure that all users of the model are on an appropriate build of Enterprise Architect, type in the lowest build number required.

OSLC Access Code

Optional. Type in the access code that all OSLC clients, including WebEA, are required to send in an HTTP header.

Leave blank to indicate that the OSLC clients are not required to send an access code.

Require HTTPS and Authentication

If this checkbox is selected, this model connection can only be accessed via https, using a Port that is configured to use https with 'Authentication' enabled (that is, set to either 'Model' or 'Global').

Read-only connection

Select this checkbox to prevent users from modifying the database referenced by this connection.

Scheduled Tasks

Start Time (HH:MM)

The time of day that the schedule task should run. This should be entered in 24hr time format (HH:MM).

Number of times to retry

In the event of repeated errors, how many times should the process retry.

Run Scheduled Tasks

When this option is checked the Pro Cloud Server will update Time Series charts in the current model as a scheduled task.

Interval between retries (mins)

Default: 30

Specify how often the 'Worker' process will check for modified diagrams and update their stored images.

Worker Settings

Enable Worker

Select this checkbox to enable the Pro Cloud 'Worker' application. The 'Worker' process runs on the server and periodically generates images for diagrams in the model. These images are required for WebEA and Prolaborate.


Select the desired Port that the Worker should use to connect to this repository.  Typically this would match the Port you enter when accessing this Model via Cloud Connection in Enterprise Architect.

Model User

Enter a valid repository user.  This value only requires a value if the current repository has model security enabled.

Model Password

Enter the password for the repository user.  This value only requires a value if the current repository has model security enabled.

Update Period (seconds)

This value defines how often the Worker process will check for modified diagrams, and generate where required; the default value is 30 seconds.

Logging Level

This value defines the desired level of logging that the Worker should produce.  The available logging level options are the same as those for the Pro Cloud Server.  The Worker log files will be created within a 'Logs' folder under the Worker's installation location, ie if PCS is installed into the default location this will be: C:\Program Files (x86)\Sparx Systems\Pro Cloud Server\Service\Worker\logs .

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