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Import a Document Template

Many organizations have established corporate formats and templates, or might design templates outside Enterprise Architect. If you want to use such 'external' templates from your business to apply formats and standards to your document reports, you can import them into your document template library.



Document-Edit > File > File > Import File

Import a template from an external directory



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Save the external template as a document.


In Enterprise Architect, create a new blank template.


  • Click on the New icon. icon in the Document Template Designer, or
  • Right-click on a User Template folder in the 'Resources' tab of the Browser window and select 'Create Template'

The 'New Document Template' dialog displays. Name the template, but do not specify an existing template to copy from.

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Once the new blank template is loaded in the Document Template Designer, select the option 'Document-Edit > File > File > Import File'.

The 'File Open' dialog displays.


Locate your template file, and click on the Open button.

The 'Open' dialog closes, returning you to the Document Template Designer; this now contains your imported template.


Select the option 'Document-Edit > File > Save'.

If necessary, make any changes to the template and select the option 'Document-Edit > File > Save' again.

Custom Template Design Options


  • Standard graphical images (such as a logo in the header, main text or footer) are imported; however, any meta-file graphics are not imported
  • You can select the new template to use in generating a document report, either on the 'Generate Documentation' dialog or in a Model Document element

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