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Notes on Creating Stylesheets

Stylesheets define a range of formatting parameters that control the appearance and layout of a document report. You create them to provide an alternative set of styles to the Normal.rtf file and to any special styles redefined within a document report template. A user can choose to apply a Stylesheet to any kind of document report they are generating, in which case the styles in the Stylesheet override the styles with matching names in the template or Normal.rtf. You can, therefore, create a Stylesheet that:

  • Redefines and overrides certain styles
  • Does not include other named styles, so use of those styles defaults to the template or Normal.rtf file definition, and
  • Provides additional styles that can be applied by editing the generated report

Each custom Stylesheet can define a totally different page layout and document styles to other Stylesheets and to the Normal.rtf Stylesheet.

The simplest way to create a new Stylesheet is to copy one of the system-provided files (for print output or for online output) or another custom Stylesheet, and edit the style definitions in the copy. However, you can create a Stylesheet from scratch if you prefer; this would be initially derived from the Normal.rtf file.


Use one of the methods outlined here to display the 'New Document Template' dialog. Create the new Stylesheet file, then edit the styles in the Document Template Designer using the 'Styles, Special Text and Table of Contents' facilities.


Publish > Model Reports > Templates :     or

Start > All Windows > Design > Explore > Browse > Resources > Document Publishing > Custom Templates > right-click on Style Sheets > Create Template

Start > All Windows > Design > Explore > Browse > Resources > Document Publishing > Custom Templates > Style Sheets > right-click on <stylesheet name> | Copy


In the 'Resources' tab of the Browser window, expand the Document Publishing folder, then:

  • Expand the Custom Templates folder | right-click on Style Sheets | Create Template, or
  • Expand the System Templates folder | Expand the Style Sheets folder | right-click on <stylesheet name> | Copy

You can also create Stylesheets within the 'Templates' tab of the 'Generate Documentation' dialog.

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