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Identify Who Has Locked An Object

When you are working in your model, you might find that you are unable to update an element, diagram or Package. If you cannot update any object, this might mean that you do not have the access permissions to update diagrams or elements. However, if the object in the Browser window has a red exclamation mark next to it this indicates that either another person has placed a user lock or group lock on the object, or you or another user have put a full lock on the object.

You can quickly establish if the lock is a full lock (which you can remove) or which user has set a user or group lock.


Context Menu

  • Browser window | Right-click on Package | Package Control | Lock Package
  • Browser window | Right-click on a diagram | Lock Diagram
  • Browser window | Right-click on element | Lock

Identify the lock holder



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In the Browser window right-click on the diagram, Package or element that has a red lock indicator, and select the appropriate 'Lock' option (for a Package, the option is in the Package Control submenu).

If the lock is:

  • A Full lock, the 'Lock <object>' dialog displays, and you can delete the lock and set your own
  • A user lock or group lock, a message displays showing the user ID of the person or group who currently holds the lock on that item; click on the OK button to close the dialog
Lock Objects Under User/Group Locking Lock Packages Under User/Group Locking


  • You must have Lock Elements permission to lock or clear the lock on a Package, element or diagram

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